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Pharmaceutical Membrane Technology Market Analysis, Opportunities, Development and Demand Forecast to 2020

Membrane technology refers to all engineering advancements for transporting substances between two fractions by the use of permeable membranes. Generally, mechanical separation processes use membrane technology for separating gaseous or liquid streams. Membrane technology is used in a range of development phases of pharmaceutical, life sciences and biopharmaceutical industries. Membrane technology has applications in laboratory drug research, large scale pharmaceutical production, lab scale DNA and protein separation, cell culturing, drug screening, and examination and virus removal. Some of the major products of membrane technology are microarray products, syringe membranes filters, multi-well filters and bottle top filters.

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Membrane technology is also widely used in improving water quality by removing particles, natural organic matter, pathogens (viruses and bacteria), emerging substances, and other dissolved matter from drinking water. Furthermore, membrane technology is used for the improvement of biological stability of drinking water in the distribution network. Water companies are legally forced to enhance the quality of drinking water in order to fulfill public health requirements. The enhancement is achieved by improving water quality and by operating water treatment processes more cost-efficiently with the help of membrane technology.

Global pharmaceutical membrane technology market can be categorized on the basis of technology as ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, microfiltration, chromatography and, nano filtration. Some of the major trends in the membrane technology market are product innovation and product portfolio expansion. The global membrane technology market is also going through large number of mergers, acquisitions and collaborations in recent years.

Membrane technology has observed incredible development and transformations in technology, system and efficiency over the last few decades. Diminishing fresh water sources, drought sources, water pollution, and constantly growing population across the globe has caused environmental degradation and shortage of water over the years. And thus, the need of membrane technology becomes important to tackle this issue. Severe quality and safety standards in pharmaceutical, such as good manufacturing practices (GMP), had also increased the demand of membrane technology in pharmaceutical industry. Single-use disposable technique for biopharmaceutical, rising pharmaceutical production and severe environmental regulations are some of the major factors driving the growth of pharmaceutical membrane technology market.

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Some of the major competitors in global pharmaceutical membrane technology market are Amazon Filters Ltd., 3M Company, Pall Corporation, Advantec MFS Inc., Sartorius AG, GE Healthcare Life Sciences, Novasep, Merck Millipore (EMD Millipore), Koch Membrane Systems Inc., and TriSep Corporation.

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