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Flavored and Functional Water Market Analysis, Size, Development and Demand Forecast to 2020

Flavored water is a kind of spring, purified, bottled mineral water with flavors added to it. Flavored water is a combination of mineral water, various fruit juices concentrations (such as pineapple, blackberry, mango, apple, strawberry, orange and others), artificial sweeteners or natural sweeteners. Whereas, the functional water is derived from flavored water and is prepared using ingredients such as minerals, vitamins, botanicals, herbs, raw fruit and vegetables and oxygen. These additives and antioxidants provide extra nutritional values and benefits to functional water. Growing health concerns and consumer awareness has led to the shift in demand from carbonated or artificial soft drinks to healthy alternatives including flavored and functional water.

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Commonly available flavored and functional water products have mixed, cherry, guava, lemon, peach and apple flavors. Preservatives, colors, caffeine and carbonation are not contained in flavored and functional water. As a result, flavored and functional water products are increasingly gaining importance among consumers. Aerated drinks such as cola, fizzy drinks, soda and others contain carbondioxide and have various side effects such as weight gain due to high calories, diabetes, high glycemic load on blood glucose and others. Whereas, non-aerated drinks, such as flavored and functional water, are not carbonated and have various nutritional benefits. Polluted water supply in industrial and various other sectors had led to rise in demand for bottled water including flavored and functional water. Cargill Inc., a manufacturer of food and beverages products, has a range of functional water ingredients such as natural zero calorie sweetener and cholesterol reducers. Further, the functional water ingredients reduces cholesterol, addresses heart and calcium absorption.

Some of the major challenges for the global flavored and functional market are availability of substitute products at generally similar prices, balance in quantity of flavor, sugar and other ingredients and increasing campaigning against packaged bottles.

Geographically, Asia-Pacific dominated the global flavored and functional water market in 2014 and the region is expected to witness high growth during the coming years. The flavored and functional water market growth in countries such as China and India is estimated to be high owing to the surging urbanization, changing lifestyle and rise in disposable income.

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Some of the major competitors of flavored and functional water market include The Coca-Cola Company, Groupe Danone, Sunny Delight Beverages Company, PepsiCo Inc., New York Spring Water, Nestle SA., Balance Water Company, Kraft Foods., Aquafina Flavor Splash and Cargill Inc.


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