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Myelofibrosis Therapeutics - Clinical Trials & Results, Patent and Developments


Myelofibrosis currently exhibits a pipeline of 29 drug candidates. The study analysed that the therapeutics pipeline comprises of approximately 29 drug candidates in different stages of development. Myelofibrosis is a rare disorder in which excessive scar tissue gets formed in the bone marrow that impairs its ability to produce red blood cells. However, it is believed by researchers that myelofibrosis occurs due to the presence of abnormal red blood stem cells in the bone marrow. The abnormal blood stem cells produce mature cells that grow quickly and form scar tissue which leads to chronic inflammation.

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Various companies, educational institutes and medical organization are collaborating for the development of therapeutics for the treatment of myelofibrosis. For instance, Geron Corporation and Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. entered into a collaboration agreement, in which Geron Corporation granted an exclusive worldwide right to Janssen, for the development and commercialization of imetelstat for all human therapeutic uses, including hematologic myeloid malignancies.

According to the research, there are several companies having drug candidates in their pipeline, using synthetic sources for the development of drugs for the treatment of myelofibrosis. Imetelstat is an oligonucleotide obtained from synthetic source that acts as telomerase inhibitor.

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Some of the key players developing drugs for myelofibrosis include CTI BioPharma Corporation, Geron Corporation, Gilead Sciences, Inc. and others.